A response to Cameron’s pro-fracking diatripe in Torygraph.

Sent to: dtletters

With its bizarre and disturbing mania to force this appallingly dangerous technology upon us, the Tory agenda on fracking is approaching Goebbels lie proportions.

The Prime Minister’s desperate and dishonest treatise in the Telegraph today is utterly jaw-dropping and shows him to be on an increasingly desperate trajectory of political suicide.

The man is empowered to legislate for our safety. How DARE he deny the dreadful suffering of hundreds and hundreds of people in the frack fields of Pennsylvania and beyond? How dare he try to tell us that this will be an employment panacea; or that this short-term, quick-fix corporate folly will bring down energy bills, when experts from Ofgem and Deutsche Bank – and even Cuadrilla’s own PR people say otherwise?

How DARE he try to tell the British people that he can regulate an unregulatable industry?! The man is unworthy of office and ought to be deeply ashamed of himself.

He needs to wake up and smell the insidiously odourless methane now – and while he’s at it, to get a conscience. The British people are not stupid, they are listening to the myriad uninvested voices around the world exposing the true implications of giving this ecocidal industry sanction to frack our soil, air and water – and they do not like being lied to.

Vanessa Vine

(Vanessa is one of the leading lights in the Balcombe anti-fracking protests. I have worked with her since the onset of the anti-fracking movement in this country. She is an inspirational figure , who you would surely meet if and when you visit Balcombe. Andy.)

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