Fracking benefit gig review

Just back from a wonderful evening at O’Callaghan’s Coffee House this evening, put on to raise money towards Frances and Justin’s expenses in facing their ridiculous charges at Crawley Magistrates Court, following their arrests at Balcombe.

A packed house, spilling out onto the pavement on a balmy evening, enjoyed the usual great hospitality and home cooked fair of the coffee house of hosts Helen and Mike, while enjoying some fabulous music. They regularly showcase local talent here, so get along – like this page to keep informed of what is on:

I have toi confess to missing the Hippy Taffs set, but it was much enjoyed by all accounts, but I am so pleased to have caught the exquisite trio that make up Vinna Bee. They are wonderful as well as properly clued up on the issues, as shown by this magical anti-fracking song:

Their set was more acoustic than this video would suggest – but all the more intimate and poignant for that.

They were followed by the contrasting talents of the Bones of St James. Again, we have a local band with the potential to go on and make a huge name for themselves given the right exposure.
Loved their skiffle influenced set too.

Look out for them all around South Wales.

The whole event raised a goodly sum for the cause and helped inform a new audience of the fracking menace.

Time for bed – as I am off to Balcombe myself at the crack of dawn tomorrow with the Bridgend Greens fractivist posse!

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