Autumn Conference, Brighton, 13-16 September

Begin forwarded message:

From: Louisa Greenbaum <louisa.greenbaum>

Subject: Autumn Conference, Brighton, 13-16 September

Date: 8 August 2013 13:05:59 GMT+01:00

Dear Local Party Contact,

Autumn Conference will take place from 13-16 September in Brighton, the world’s first One Planet City! With the UK’s first Green led council, 22 Green Councillors and a Green MP, there’s a lot to celebrate and the local party would love you to join them by the sea for what we hope will be the most colourful conference to date.

We will have panel sessions on The Future of our Railways, Mental Health, Free Schools and Academies and Women and Austerity, tours of local housing and transport projects and presentations led by local councillors, over 50 fringes including training for activists, and evening entertainment.

I would be grateful for your help in distributing information about conference to your members. I have attached the timetable, agenda and booking form.

There is lots of information and online booking on the conference
We have reserved student accommodation at £30 per night, walking distance from the venue.

The early bird booking deadline is 24 August

Perhaps you could also put it on the agenda of your next general meeting and take some print outs of the booking form for those who don’t have email?

Thanks for your help and look forward to seeing you in Brighton,

Louisa Greenbaum
Conferences Co-ordinator
The Green Party

Autumn Conference 2013
13-16 September, Brighton

Autumn2013_full_timetable (all content subject to minor changes).pdf

Final Agenda Autumn 2013 (Brighton).pdf

Booking Form_Autumn_2013.pdf

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