South Wales Saturday in Balcombe – proposed visit next weekend 10th/11th August

Andy Chyba is going to Balcombe next weekend, but exact details depend on who wants to come too!


Leave Saturday morning at crack of dawn to get to Sussex between 9 and 10 am.

Get back to South Wales sometime Sunday pm/evening.

TRANSPORT: depends on numbers – anything from three in a Ford Ka to 17 seater minibus(es) depending on demand.
COST – I hope to have travel costs covered, one way or another, but worst case scenario might be £30 a head.

ACCOMMODATION: this is up to you. Looks like camping (for free) is an option, but may have potential issues with ‘the law’ (but I doubt they would dare after recent events). For those that need a proper bed, you may be able to crash with someone (I can ask some contacts down there) or there are hotel/b&b options ( (I will probably spend the night at my father’s house 45 mins away)

Even if you cannot come, have you any banners/posters/flags/t shirts we could borrow for the trip to make us more conspicuous?

I am going to try and secure a 6-seater combo minibus Monday morning. It looks like 4 seats are taken, with two up for grabs. I hope I will have to cancel this for something bigger, if I get a good response.

Contact me asap to express interest:

078 1066 3241
01656 647314
Or comment on the blog


Thats great news and a great idea. We can help with cost of hire and fuel. As soon as you book it give us a number for you or whoever wants to be a contact and a rough time of arrival and we’ll make it big. Sure you can fill it via your contacts and the FFW coalition – but we can advertise it – maybe you put on two!

Camping and being there is safe as houses. It’s only those bravely refusing to move that got arrested. All those walking in front of trucks earlier in the week etc didnt get hassle. The verge and site are public land and those areas are peaceful as you like. You’ve seen the photos – it’s like a fete!

Kate, FO x

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