Aerial views of Balcombe site

This short clip shows graphically the impact of a supposedly simple little test drilling operation. This is without any of the the fracking rigmarole that will involve massive amounts of extra equipment and huge numbers of tankers ferrying frack fluids in and out of the site.

Imagine this, and then imagine it every couple of miles or so across vast tracks of the country – including much of South Wales. And for what?

6 thoughts on “Aerial views of Balcombe site

  1. Anni Cariad

    Get it out of there now! They can use the hard standing to make basket ball courts etc for the people of Balcombe and the surrounding area! BTW, are those containers full of the vile chemicals they’ll be using to extract the gas? I am disgusted that this is allowed to happen, although not surprised, this lousy ‘government’ is just a shield for money making for Cameron and Osbourne and their greedy friends.


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  3. Lionel Z. Oliver

    dave50 may have been somewhat unguarded in his language but his point is valid. Of course peoples objections should be heard. But when it comes to energy security and the good of the nation as a whole, it may be necessary to go ahead and build more facilities despite a minority of people raising objections. We already import vast quantities of gas and electricity from abroad. I, for one, am not at all happy with our dependence on imported energy. We are an island nation and shouldn’t be importing anything that we can produce here at home.


    1. Bridgend or Swansea Green Party - South Wales West Post author

      The bottom line is that there is absolutely no need for us to import any energy from anyone, AND absolutely no need to touch any further fossil fuels. The transition could happen in a decade given the proper investment and the political will to make it happen.
      True energy security will only come from tapping our more than ample renewable resources. The technology exists already.
      Answer me this – what are we going to do when we eventually run out of the filthy fossil fuels – assuming we have a habitable planet left by then?
      Wake up and smell the coffee Lionel. You are not alone in being duped by the corporate mafia.



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