Is your money contributing to climate change? (from

Hi friends,
Is your money contributing to climate change? Right now, the answer is almost certainly yes — but from California to Australia, grassroots campaigns are springing up around the world to change that. We’re calling for an end to fossil fuel investments, and we need your help to grow our campaign here in Europe!
Last Thursday, the European Bank for Reconstruction & Development — one of the world’s largest development banks — released a draft of its energy strategy. Despite lots of talk about a “low-carbon economy”, their strategy still includes plenty of support for projects like coal plants and fracked gas. The EBRD is run by a Board of Directors from shareholder countries across Europe, and we want to show them that people at home are watching. Will you tell the EBRD Board that it’s time stop investing in fossil fuels?
Click here ( to sign the petition demanding that EBRD stop funding dirty fossil fuels.
The climate is changing before our eyes. If we want to keep climate change below 2° C — and have a chance at avoiding catastrophic feedback cycles and a planet potentially incompatible with human civilization — then we must keep 80% of known fossil fuel reserves under ground.
Yet pension funds continue to invest our savings in risky fossil fuel stocks, betting that we can keep burning those reserves; universities continue to accept funding (and influence) from rogue fossil fuel companies; and development banks like the EBRD keep funding new dirty energy plants, which are set to lock us into decades of emissions. Clearly we have a lot of work to do.
Will you take the first step and help us end EBRD’s support for fossil fuels?
This campaign is just the beginning. Across Europe, we’re gearing up to launch grassroots divestment campaigns targeting universities and other big institutions — because our public funds should be invested in a livable future, not an industry bent on ensuring our planet’s destruction.
I hope you’ll join us,
Tim is building a global movement to solve the climate crisis. Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter, and sign up for email alerts. You can help power our work by getting involved locally, sharing your story, and donating here.

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