Frack the ‘desolate’ North East says Tory peer

Commenting on reports today (Tuesday 30 July 2013) that Lord Howell has called for fracking to be concentrated in the North East because of its “large, desolate and uninhabited areas”, Friends of the Earth Energy Campaigner Tony Bosworth said:

“Lord Howell’s suggestion that fracking should be concentrated in the ‘desolate’ North East is jaw-dropping.”
“But the Government’s ill-conceived fracking plans aren’t something that can be quietly brushed under the carpet ‘up north’ – as the villages resisting the drillers in the Tory heartlands of England’s south show.”
“It’s time to pull the plug on the UK’s dirty fossil fuel addiction and develop clean energy that won’t cost people all over England their green and pleasant land.”

And of course, the Tories see Wales as a bit of a wasteland too!!!

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