Sustainable Wales event FROCK SWAP!

Good Afternoon!!

We at SUSSED have a fantastic event lined up in the Green Room (above SUSSED), 15th of May at 8pm! Need to get rid of some closet space? Found you may have purchased something you would never wear? Then this is the event for you.

You are invited to our very own Frock Swap, this way you can get rid of some old clothes but may find something that you’ll treasure! Anyone is welcome at this event, men, women and children, so attack that wardrobe and lets get swapping!

Rules of Frock Swapping

  1. Participants should bring at lease one loved item (clothing/accessories).
  2. Items must be of a decent quality.
  3. Items swapped must be of close value.
  4. An entry fee of £3.00 must be paid before you can start rummaging.

All proceeds go to Sustainable Wales! For more information please check out the poster attached or call us, contacts below.

Kind Regards,

Elly Jones.

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