British Humanist Association devolution – new Welsh Humanists steering group looking for assistance

From the beginning of this year, all BHA members and supporters resident in Wales have been automatically considered members and supporters of Welsh Humanists / Dyneiddwyr Cymru a new section of the BHA.

The 2011 Census revealed that, compared with other nations of the UK, Wales is more non-religious, and functions relating to many of the BHAs campaigns have been devolved – most obviously education. Also, unlike in England, there is no established church and government is nominally secular. All of these factors make Wales distinctive.

The aim of the new section is to increase humanist organisation in Wales, foster dialogue with the Welsh Government on the same basis as that currently enjoyed by religious organisations and allow the BHA to better pursue the achievement of our aims in Wales through greater organisation of humanists closer to the ground.

Can you help?

The section has a steering group, which will:

  • Provide leadership in the organisation of Welsh Humanists / Dyneiddwyr Cymru
  • Advise BHA management on the implementation of the BHA’s Aims and Strategies in Wales;
  • Help to make appropriate BHA materials available in Welsh as soon as practicable. These might include press releases, resources on humanism, resources for celebrants and resources for schools;
  • Support any staff or consultants or volunteers retained by the BHA to work on Welsh matters, whether retained to work specifically on Welsh matters or in the course of their general duties when those duties have a Welsh dimension.

The chair of the steering group will be expected to provide a Welsh perspective on any of the BHA’s work, including at the stage when management is planning new work programmes.

It is intended that the group should have five members, as far as possible from different parts of Wales, and we are inviting anyone who is interested in becoming a member of the group to let us know. The three founding members of the group are Lorraine Barrett (Cardiff), Brian Cainen (Swansea), and Richard Paterson (Caerphilly).

If you would like to be considered for membership of the steering group then please email chiefexec by 30 April with a CV detailing your skills and experience.

We also need volunteers to perform a number of specific tasks:

Promote Welsh Humanists / Dyneiddwyr Cymru through social media; set up new humanist groups in Wales and get involved to reinvigorate existing groups; take responsibility for monitoring of media in Wales (in Welsh and English), help with drafting press releases and political briefingsand lots more! If you are willing to volunteer, please email chiefexec by 30 April with a CV detailing your skills and experience.

Were all really excited about this opportunity to bring more humanist organisation to Wales and I really hope you can help us in doing this.

Best wishes,

Andrew Copson
Chief Executive

1 thought on “British Humanist Association devolution – new Welsh Humanists steering group looking for assistance

  1. Alan Rogers

    Happy to help if I can… as a secularist. I have been discussing the need for an all-Wales humanist/secularist alliance to produce a united response to the Evangelical Alliance which has a full time lobbyist in Senedd. The First Minister also gives privileged access to organised religion through the Faith Communities Forum (face-to-face twice each year). The AMs have a Cross-Party Group on Faith with the declared aim of promoting the supposed value of faith communities to Wales.
    We need to work together to make more impact on AMs and Ministers.



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