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Dear Andy,

Right now the government is deciding what new laws should be in The Queen’s Speech: which sets out the governments plans for the year ahead. The snooping plan is one of them. If enough of us act now, we could pressure them to keep it out.

But Theresa May, the Home Secretary, is still fighting for the law to go through – even though it was criticised by two committees of MPs and Lords. [1]

If the government realises there is still massive opposition, they are more likely to leave it out of their plans. If thousands of us email our MPs asking them to tell the Home Secretary to abandon her plans, it could convince the government that it’s not worth trying to get these new powers at all. But we don’t have much time.

Can you write to your MP now to demand they help protect our privacy by writing to Theresa May?

Over 8000 members of 38 Degrees wrote to their MPs at the end of last year asking the Home Secretary to stop the snooping plans. [2] We know this had an impact, but it wasn’t enough to stop the plans completely. Now is the time to show the government that we’re still watching and won’t stop until the bill is killed off.

If thousands of us write to our MPs and create enough pressure there’s a good chance the government won’t include the planned snooping laws. But we need to act fast.

38 Degrees members have sent thousands of emails, secured nearly 200,000 petition signatures and handed in over 80 petitions around the country. [3] We’ve helped keep up the pressure on the government. If we can give it another big push, we can make the government see sense and win.

Write to your MP now and tell them we want these snooping plans abandoned:

Thanks for being involved,

Belinda, Hannah, David and the 38 Degrees team

[1] The Guardian: MPs call communications data bill ‘honeypot for hackers and criminals:
[2] 38 Degrees Blog: Our voices were heard:
[3] 38 Degrees Blog: Snooping campaign petition hand-ins:

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