Some National Conference highlights

I have not long returned from three days in Bristol at the Green Party Autumn Conference.It is always a great event and this time we had the added buzz of unveiling our new leadership team.Natalie Bennett’s inaugural speech as leader went a long way to assuring people like me, on the Left of the party, that she is going to steer us in roughly the right, or should I better say ‘correct’, direction. She has a very clear vision of what she wants to achieve, and the intelligence and determination to achieve it. Considering she only landed the job a few days ago, there is time for her to add a little polish to her presentation skills.

Will Duckworth, newly elected Deputy Leader, is a star in the ascendency. I strongly recommend you listen to his speech in its entirety. I may be biased here, because those of you that know me well will see quite a few parallel’s with my own story, but Will adds a tremendously warm and endearing personality to steely determination and inspirational success. He is a true man of the people, for the people.


Will’s successful election was also the pinnacle of Green Left’s success in getting numerous people into positions of influence in the Party – vital to ensuring that the Party stays truly ecosocialist in overall philosophy.

It is particular cause for celebration that Howard Thorp has become Campaign’s Co-ordinator and Derek Wall has become International Co-ordinator. They will both take places on GPEx – Green Party Executive – and be very influential in steering the Party’s course over the next two years at least. Oh, and I have also secured a place on the Green World Editorial Board, filling a seat vacated by Natalie Bennett’s and Derek Wall’s promotions.

Hopefully there will be more Green Left committee representatives announced tomorrow. The Green Left Fringe Meeting was encouragingly well supported, and although the theme was somewhat dystopian, there was a good buzz nonetheless.

And as proof that good news travels fast, we even had an amazing “Clause Four” moment during the debate on Howard’s ‘Economic Democracy’ motion. This is currently best reported here on the Bright Green Scotland blog:

All good stuff!!


2 thoughts on “Some National Conference highlights

  1. swanseaandllanelligreenparty Post author

    Thank you, Jay – the Bristol Conference has been a success on every level I believe, so well done to all involved.
    It has also reminded me of what a great city Bristol is, so I hope to be back soon – especially to the Three Tuns, which became home from home for a few days!



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