Kill the cull, not the badgers!

Plans for the large-scale shooting of badgers in a misguided attempt to eradicate bovine tuberculosis (bTB) in cattle are well advanced and could begin in parts of England within the next few weeks.

At least seven out of every ten badgers across two areas, each approximately the size of the Isle of Wight, will be shot over a six-week period.

Please help, ask the Prime Minister to call off the cull today!

If the full policy is rolled out, it could affect up to 40 similar-sized areas across England and result in the deaths of up to 130,000 badgers. The scale of the killing could lead to the disappearance of badgers from many local areas.

Scientists involved in the largest-ever study of badgers and bovine tuberculosis, which took 10 years to conduct and cost £50 million, concluded that badger culling can make no meaningful contribution to cattle TB control in Britain.

Humane Society International/UK not only believes that the policy is misguided, it is also greatly concerned that many thousands of badgers could be injured and left to suffer a slow and painful death.

Killing badgers is not the solution. Please join us and tell Prime Minister David Cameron: Listen to the science and kill the cull, not the badgers.

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