Press Release: March for the Alternative

From across the country, Green Party members will gather at Hyde Park in London on the 26th March to join with hundreds of thousands of others to protest against the cutbacks by the coalition government. Amongst them will be a local Green Party delegation led by WAG candidates Delyth Miller and Keith Ross.

Green Party activists will assemble at Temple and Embankment areas of Victoria Embankment, from 9am. Our Hyde Park stall will be set up from noon onwards.

Instead of cutting public services, we can tackle the deficit in other ways:

– Increase taxes for the very wealthiest

– Clamp down on the billions lost through tax evasion and tax avoidance

– Introduce a financial transaction tax – Robin Hood Tax

– No more expensive PFI schemes that are bad value for money

– Cancel unnecessary road building – £3 billion a year

– Scrap the Trident nuclear weapons programme – £4 billion a year

– Bring our troops home from Afghanistan – £7 million a day

Romayne Phoenix, national campaigns coordinator for the Green Party, said: “Labour started the patchwork privatisation of the NHS, introduced the school academies programme and tuition fees, and the coalition government is going even further. The tragedy is that a million people will be thrown out of work, at a time when we need a million more jobs to tackle climate change and provide clean, affordable energy supplies for our future.”

Delyth Miller, Bridgend Green Party Agent, said: “I shudder to think what these cuts are going to mean to the vast numbers of vulnerable people in South Wales and Bridgend in particular. We Greens seem to be the only Party consistently resisting the vandalism of our public services and offering serious alternatives. The march on the 26th shows the immense hunger there is for the alternatives we have to offer.”

For more information on the march:

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