Climate Week campaign – pause for thought!

Huw Irranca-Davies MP (Labour – Ogmore Constituency) got his picture in the Gazette this week promoting ‘Climate Week’ (March 21-27).
I suppose I should be applauding him in promoting this awareness raising exercise, in his role as Shadow Minister for Energy and Climate Change.
So, well done Huw! 

However, when I clicked onto the Climate Week website, I started to get an uneasy feeling straight away.
A term that I have started to see more and more of is GREENWASHING – and it stinks:

Big corporate sponsors smack you right between the eyes on the opening page of the Climate Week website:
Tesco, EDF Energy, Kellogg and RBS

Tesco’s green credentials have been examined by Friends of the Earth here:

EDF’s green credentials are examined here:

Kellogg’s green credentials are examined here:

RBS is infamous for its dirty investments:

So as much as it is great to see any initiatives that promote awareness of the dangers facing humanity from climate change, it is perhaps not surprising that greenwashing politicians are happy to collaborate with greenwashing companies. (Is this a Freudian slip – tagging this list as ‘fashion’)

At the end of the day, initiatives like Climate Week are merely tinkering around the edges of the problem. Not until we get a radical and fundamental restructuring of the way we live will we make significant enough inroads into the problems we face.

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