A positive response to my appeal for more positive politics – from Bridgend Conservatives!

My points of view submission to the Gazette a couple of weeks ago (see blog post dated 13 January ( https://bridgendgreens.wordpress.com/2011/01/13/points-of-view-submission/ ) has illicited a welcome response from the Chair of the Bridgend Conservative Association, Mr Wayne Buffett Warlow. (See Gazette 27/01 pg33) 

I quote: “Bridgend Conservative Association supports his call for more cross-party co-operation and is always seeking to encourage a more positive attitude to political debate in Bridgend and beyond” .

He goes on to promote a Welsh Conservatives initiative that they are calling Environment Action Day, on Saturday 29 January – this coming Saturday. Again I quote: “designed to focus attention on environmental issues and publicise our campaign to take party politics out of environmental policy and ensure sustainability is a key driver of the next Welsh assembly Government’s agenda”.

He goes on to invite me, and like-minded people (you?) to go along to their local launch of this campaign, at the Rose & Crown Hotel in Nottage, Porthcawl – Saturday 10.30am. Unfortunately, I know that myself, Neil and Tunney are otherwise engaged, but it would be great if someone could go along to have a closer look at what they are proposing. If anyone thinks they can make it, please ring me for a chat beforehand.

Andy (Mobile: 078 1066 3241)

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