Partial relief for Welsh students

Welsh students will be protected from increased tuition fees, the Welsh Assembly Government says.Education Minister Leighton Andrews made the commitment as he outlined Wales’ response to the UK government’s plan to increase fees in England. In Wales, basic tuition fees will rise to £6,000 per annum, or £9,000 in some circumstances. But the assembly government will meet the cost of extra fees for students from Wales attending any UK university.

Welsh students who go to university in 2012-13 will therefore be paying the same in real terms as students who go to university in this academic year, i.e. £3290, plus living costs. This is a huge relief from the appalling increases facing English students, but it is long way short of what the Green Party would provide.

Under a Green Government there would be no student loans as there would be no tuition fees and living costs would be met by Citizens Income. In the short term we will reintroduce student grants to meet living costs. Higher Education is essential in developing a civilized society. Education should be treated as a process and not a product. It should enable a democratisation of knowledge and skills which are available to anyone who wants to study for a degree regardless of their age or background.

How do we pay for all this and the rest of our progressive programme? Check out our election manifesto details of how we would manage the economy to make this all possible AND reduce the deficit in a manageable way.

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