Green MP sponsors amendment calling on Lib Dems to honour pledge over student fees

Caroline Lucas, Britain’s first Green MP, today sponsors an amendment to an opposition motion on tuition fees in an effort to toughen-up Labour’s critique and call to account Liberal Democrat MPs who have failed to honour their pledge to oppose increases in tuition fees.

Today sees an Opposition Day debate on school sports funding and then tuition fees (1). Labour leader Ed Milliband has put forward what the Greens regard as a weak motion (2) calling on the government to publish its education plans in detail and expressing concern over student debt. The Green Party leader, together with MPs from the Scottish and Welsh nationalist parties, has tabled an amendment (3) spelling out a much tougher critique of the government, noting Labour’s role in introducing tuition fees in the first place, and calling on Lib Dem MPs to honour their pledge to oppose rises in tuition fees.

Caroline Lucas commented this afternoon from her constituency, where she was taking part in a student-led protest against tuition fees and education cuts:

“Given that 90% of MPs went to university, mostly without having to pay tuition fees, it’s completely unacceptable that the Tories and Lib Dems are getting away with this.”

“Liberal Democrats are breaking the promises that helped them get elected, and meanwhile Labour is failing to provide the real challenge the country wants to see.”

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