Your recent Labour Party resignation request

Begin forwarded message:

From: Labour Membership <labourmembership>

Subject: Your recent Labour Party resignation request

Date: 30 November 2020

Thank you for your email recent email concerning resigning your membership.

I am very sorry to hear that you are thinking about resigning your membership. I would like to thank you for all the support you have given previously.

In order for us to process your resignation we need you to reply to this email with an explicit request confirming you would like to do so.

Our Party is more inclusive and democratic than ever before and every single one of our members has something special and unique to contribute. I hope you will consider changing your mind and decide you would like to stay so that you will be able to continue to help shape our Party’s future and hold this Tory Government to account. 

If you stay, your experience, your passion and your voice can be a real force for change. 

Best wishes, 

Membership Services and Correspondence
The Labour Party

How explicit would you like me to make this?

I am a socialist who will not be part of a neoliberal, Blairite Tory-lite party headed by a class traitor.
Not only do I explicitly request the immediate cancellation of membership, as I first requested a few days after the catastrophic party leadership result was announced, but I also hereby explicitly inform you that I will not even consider voting Labour while Sir Blair Starmer is at the helm.

I don’t know who you are trying to kid with your ludicrous claim that the party is “more inclusive and democratic than ever before”. With the obscene treatment dished out to arguably the most popular, best supported former leader that the Party has ever had; with the threat of thousands of of members likely to be suspended, according to that other traitor, Rayner; with censorial bullying and refusal to even discuss member concerns happening all over the country in local Parties; the Labour Party has become utterly unfit for purpose. No wonder it is haemorrhaging members at a quicker rate than they flooded in to support Corbyn.

So disgusted am I with the state of Westminster politics in general and within the Labour Party in particular (I don’t expect any better from the Tories), that all my political energy is now devoted to dismantling the dysfunctional Union and bringing about independence for Wales, alongside that of Scotland (with a united Ireland completing the dismantling of the UK) i.e. bring about some meaningful progressive change for once!!

Is this explicit enough for you?

Na zdrowie,


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