Fracking: Crucial MP vote

Hi Andy,

Important news: David Cameron’s government is trying to sneak through weaker regulations that will allow fracking under national parks and important wildlife sites. This is despite previous promises to protect these areas.

The government has denied MPs a full debate on this issue, because they know how much of a backlash it will create. But MPs will still get to vote on the regulations — and already a large number support a ban on fracking in these fragile sites.

If we can get more MPs to act, it might be enough to keep the safeguards in place. It looks like the government will try to rush through weaker regulations at any moment, so please email your MP now:

Earlier this year, the government promised a total ban on fracking under key wildlife sites and national parks. Then in a shocking u-turn, ministers rolled back on this promise — meaning that important spaces for rare and threatened plants and animals were put back on the list of places exposed to the fossil fuel industry.

Though the government now says that extra safeguards for nature and wildlife areas aren’t necessary, we’ve uncovered evidence that the fracking industry has been pushing for weaker regulations. Just last week, a Greenpeace investigation found that one fracking firm boss wrote to ministers to express his “concern and confusion” that his company could be blocked from drilling [1].

So it’s clear that if the fracking industry gets its way, some of the UK’s most beautiful countryside could end up circled by rigs as firms seek to extract gas and oil beneath. That’s why it’s vital we email our MPs now, before the weaker regulations are pushed through:

Ask your MP to protect national parks and key wildlife sites from fracking:

If we’re going to play our part in tackling global climate change, we need to leave fossil fuels like shale gas and oil in the ground. And while we’re still campaigning for an all-out ban on fracking across the UK, we must act fast to protect these fragile areas. Please email your MP — and let’s keep working together and pushing back against fracking at every opportunity we have.

Thanks for all you do,

Greenpeace UK

1. Fracking company expressed concern over national park drilling ban months before it was repealed

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