It’s polling day! Here are Bridgend’s Vote for Policies results (with postscript)

BRIDGEND SURVEYS DONE BY 836 PEOPLE – these are presumably politically literate, well-educated people (high literacy levels needed to negotiate the survey). It is a good sample size. How will the actual poll compare? There are also 4 other candidates (Pirate/TUSC/NF/Ind) to further complicate things.

This is based on gut instincts rather than any canvassing, but I predict:

  • Labour 32%
  • Cons 24%
  • UKIP 15%
  • Lib Dems 13%
  • PC 8%
  • Greens 4%
  • Others 4%

I hope I prove well off with these, with Greens saving their deposit and the collective anti-neoliberal vote (PC/Green/Pirate/TUSC) doing hugely better – but it is hard to see past Madeleine Moon continuing to show a modicum of interest in Porthcawl, ignore Bridgend town, and continuing to do as the red tory whips tell her.

Your Constituency

And did you know that 836 people took the survey in your constituency? Here are the results for Bridgend.


Green Party
Liberal Democrats
Plaid Cymru

If you’re still undecided, these links might be helpful:

Thanks again for using Vote for Policies. I hope the election brings a positive result for you.

Happy voting!

Matt & the team


Vote for Policies is an independent not-for-profit organisation registered in the United Kingdom (no. 8198015)

open.php?u=30240882&id=82849a35fda0425ba7408e718effcbc9P.S – My predictions proved to be a bit of a mixed bag. Labour’s 37% (my guess 32%) shows how entrenched the Labour instinct is around here despite having served no-one’s interests but their own for a long, long time. How the Tories managed to increase their share by 2% to 32% (24%) flabbers my gast. I take no pleasure in getting UKIP’s 15% spot on, and was only one off with PC at 7% (8%). The Lib Dems collapsed more than I, and just about everyone else, anticipated, losing their deposit into the bargain at 4.2% (13%). The Greens 2% (4%) was also a big disappointment, given the work we have done over the last 5 years, but parachuting in someone from outside did not help, and I guess I have to take some blame for this by withdrawing my own candidacy.

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