Urgent: a vote on TTIP

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Dear Andy,

Should the Prime Minister be allowed to sign up the UK to TTIP without MPs even having a say on what’s in it? That’s the current situation, but this Thursday, MPs will vote on a motion demanding proper input on the final agreement. That gives each of us 48 hours to push our MP to support it. [1]

The TTIP trade deal between the EU and US will affect us all. It could give US corporations new powers to sue our government in secret courts, and could threaten further privatisation of public services. [2] It’s outrageous that the Prime Minister could sign us up without MPs even having a say on what’s in the deal.

We don’t have long, but if thousands of us write to our MPs, they’ll see that we won’t accept a deal that rides roughshod over our democracy. Please can you take two minutes to email your MP and ask them to vote for a say on TTIP this Thursday, 15th January? [3]

Giving parliament the final say over whether the UK signs up to TTIP would force MPs to start taking some responsibility. They won’t want to put their names to something that could threaten our NHS and see big businesses holding the government to ransom.

When you send your email, copies will also be sent to the people standing to be your MP at the next election. Your MP won’t want to be caught on the wrong side of the argument in front of their opponents! [4]

Together we’ve already done so much to fight this trade deal. 38 Degrees members have signed petitions, written to their MEPs and taken to the streets to tell the public about the deal. We’re having an impact – the more that people hear about TTIP, the less they like it! [5]

But right now our Prime Minister says he wants to put “rocket boosters” under the deal. [6] We’ve got a real problem if he’s able to ignore everyone and sign us up without MPs having a say on what’s in the deal. So let’s turn up the pressure on MPs, and make sure they realise their voters expect them to take some responsibility for ensuring TTIP can’t be waved through.

Please email your MP now:

Thanks for being involved,

Megan, Nat, Blanche and the 38 Degrees team

PS: The debate this Thursday is a backbench business debate. It’s been put forward by Geraint Davies MP. While the vote won’t be legally binding, if all MPs support parliament having a final say on the deal, it will be harder for that right to be denied to us when negotiations for TTIP are over.

PPS: TTIP is a far-reaching deal that won’t just affect our NHS. To read more about it click here:

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[4] When you send your email, it will be copied to the candidates that the 38 Degrees office team is aware of in your constituency. If none have been announced, your email will just go to your MP. These candidates, along with your MP, will then have your email address. If you know of candidates in your constituency that are not on the list, please email their details to ttipaction
[5] 38 Degrees: Vince Cable: fix or scrap TTIP:
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38 Degrees: European day of action:
[6] BBC: TTIP: Cameron pledges support for EU-US trade deal:

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