The achievements of Brighton & Hove Green Administration

Saddiq Khan, head of Labour’s anti-Green task force, is desperate to unseat Caroline Lucas and the favourite tactic is to try to tar her with the same brush as the Brighton & Hove Green led council. Some have tried to disassociate Caroline from the Council in her city. I am not sure this is a legitimate tactic. I would prefer to see us trumpeting the successes of the Council. They have made some mistakes, for sure, but their list of achievements puts any Labour led local authority that I know about – and most certainly Bridgend CBC – to shame.

Attached is a 6 page pdf of things achieved by the Green administration. Some are more impressive than others, but how many of them would have happened without a Green administration?

Pick out your favourites and have them at your fingertips when canvassing for when people trot out the myth that the country’s only Green Council has been a flop.

A new way to govern –Brighton and Hove pdf

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