Stop austerity cuts in Wales – demonstration 18th November

Dear all

Thank you to all for signing the petition and we hope you don’t mind if we contact you again about urgently building the petition and supporting a demonstration.

The Senedd will take a decision on the proposed cuts budget next Tuesday 18 November. The meeting starts at 13.30 and with the estimated timings it looks as though the budget will be discussed at around 15.00:

We can book public gallery seats here:

We shall now organise a demonstration on the 18th starting at 12.00 noon outside the Senedd building. Please bring no austerity and anti cuts banners along.

Everyone and every group who is or will experience the consequences of these cuts should try to get along.

The theme of the demonstration will be: all public services in Wales really do face another round of serious cuts next year unless AMs defy the Tories. 3.7% real terms cut is huge and as is the 17% lost since the financial crisis in 2008.

We didn’t create the crisis and we should not pay for it!

It is proposed to keep the petition open until Monday and then submit on Tuesday morning. Leaving it so late may not fit in with petition procedure but as it is in the public domain already the point is being made.

If the cuts budget is agreed we could leave the petition open so people can still make their views known. Please feedback your views on this on our FB page, web-blog, Twitter or email to me.

The petition is rapidly moving toward 800 signatures and Plaid Cymru has signed up to the petition and is advertising this support locally and among their members. The Green Party Wales continues supporting us actively.

We will now produce a press statement advertising our demonstration, petition and the threat to us all that these cuts will bring.

Please pass on the message in this email in every way you can and as fast as possible.

Here is a People’s Assembly Wales flyer you can use electronically or hard copy: it has a petition form on the back for signing.

Here is a hard copy of the petition: and the post also has details where both can be sent to.

All the arguments are on the web-blog using the links above.

We have set up a Facebook event page for feedback and updating:

And our Twitter link can be used the same way @PAWalesCymru & hashtag #nocutswales

See you next Tuesday!

Len Arthur – convenor People’s Assembly Wales len.arthur

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