Any Questions? from Brecon

Attended with John Evans on behalf of Bridgend Green Party . Unfortunately our questions were not selected.

It was a predominantly tory audience but it was heartening that the only consensus of boos and dissent was at the suggestion that we should start fracking (from tory MP Bernard Jenkins) – check recording at the 30:10 onwards.

Apart from this, Jenkins was actually nowhere as objectionable as your average tory MP (damning with feint praise admittedly).

Carwyn Jones was his usual ineffectual self, skirting around issues and refusing to take responsibility. We lost count of how many times he agreed with the tory – far more so than with the PC’s ap Iorwerth. He also referred to fair devolution for the English repeatedly – more so than taking opportunities to specify what extra powers he would like in Wales.

Ap Iowerth escaped without having to deal with his embarrassment of Leanne Wood over the nuclear issue. I suspect he is going to be a thorn in Leanne’s side repeatedly as he is clearly a throwback to the old school nationalists rather than the ecosocialist branch of the PC (primarily the younger generation from what I can see).

Carol Bell has a CV littered with directorships with oil and gas companies, along with many years as an investment banker, making her the devil incarnate on paper. She is clearly a tory, but has sufficient intellectual integrity to at least concede the need to develop our renewables (as long as it isn’t onshore wind).

2 thoughts on “Any Questions? from Brecon

  1. green dragon

    think youre spot on andy in your appraisal of the situation vis a vis leanne wood and rhun ap iorwerth. its been the case that elements in plaid’s traditional ‘heartlands’ have never accepted the legitimacy of leanne’s election as party leader and have conducted a whispering campaign against her ever since, giving anonymous briefings against her to the media and openly defyng her on policy when it suits them eg publicly supporting the proposed wylfa b nuclear plant on ynys mon.

    there’s no question that another disappointing set of results for plaid in the 2015 general election – following on from the party’s poor showing in this year’s european elections where it trailed the reactionaries of ukip in many parts of wales – and a move against her leadership by party traditionalists cannot be ruled out.

    we hope this does not happen as leanne’s removal as leader of plaid would be a blow to progressive left politics in wales.




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