T-shirts and Hoodies – Wales Rising Up To Ban Fracking

C’mon folks! Get ordering p[lease and show solidarity for Frack Free Walkes, The Borras& Holt Community Protection Camp and the resurgent Green Party, all in one fell swoop!!!

Raising awareness about the impacts and irreversible damage that goes with the highly controversial unconventional hydrocarbon extraction techniques known as Hydraulic Fracturing, Coal Bed Methane and Underground Coal Gasification. Empowering Welsh citizens to RISE UP and call for a total ban on these methods of oil and gas extraction along with other forms of extreme energy that pose a threat to people, eco-systems, the environment, farm land and livestock, water, air and the climate.

For more info about how to get PROPERLY informed and involved, visit, http://www.frackfreewales.org/ or if you are a Facebook user, Frack-Free Wales https://www.facebook.com/pages/Frack-Free-Wales/399311250153926


T-shirts: https://fabrily.com/WalesRising and hoodies: https://fabrily.com/WalesRisingHoodies

Both available in a range of colours

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