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Dear all

As the first step of our campaign to stop the austerity cuts at the National Assembly our Wales wide petition has been launched using the campaigning section of the 38 Degrees website.

Here is the link:

Thanks to all for commenting and improving the draft letter to AMs and triple thanks to all those who helped with the Welsh translation – it was no mean feat with one helper saying they would ‘so long as it is not War and Peace’ and after doing it said ‘it was’!

This has now been posted on our Facebook page.

Since the conference a People’s Assembly Wales web-blog has been established with the full letters and all the arguments. It is linked from the 38 Degrees petition:

Although a Twitter site for People’s Assembly Wales was set up last year I’ve had a chat with the person who established the account and due to technical issues it was thought best to move to a new one and this is:

Now, of course the rest of the work starts: getting signatures. Please share, like, retweet, email, talk and tell, just about everything you can think of to get people to sign. If we can start to get toward the first couple of thousand signatures say over the next 14 days it should be strong grounds for going mass media releases, even more even better.

Keep in touch as we prepare the next stage!


Len Arthur – convenor

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