Stop Press: Saturday’s walks to the Senedd for Frackdown gathering

Hi everyone

We’ve underestimated the time it takes to walk from Penarth and the Castle to Y Senedd. Quite a few of the potential walkers are likely to be a bit slow. Also, the choirs might like to sing as they march, which takes a bit more oxygen still. And if the weather’s dry and we are chalking, that’ll inevitably slow us down a bit too. So, to make it a bit more relaxed and easier on everyone, can we meet at 11 and get the walks started by 11.15 at the latest? FoE Cymru will hold back on starting the speeches at Y Senedd till 12.15 at the earliest…

Walkers should spread out but stay together but to give the best visual impression of numbers

Anyone who has any spare hi-viz jackets or hard hats, please bring them along

Looking forward to Saturday



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