Global Frackdown – 11th October

12noon – 2pm 11th Oct Y Senedd, Cardiff Bay.

A day of action against fracking and associated technologies across the world, and Wales is no exception. Frack Free Wales is working with Friends of The Earth Cymru to organise a lobby and protest at The Senedd in Cardiff Bay on Saturday 11th October.

All groups and individuals are to meet up at the Senedd at 12 noon – until 2pm for a rally.

Confirmed speakers:
Gareth Clubb – Friends of The Earth Cymru
Bethan Jenkins AM Plaid Party of Wales
William Powell AM – Welsh Liberal Democrats
Pippa Bartolotti – Leader of The Wales Green Party
Frances Twms Jenkins – Founder of Frack Free Wales
Donal Whelan and Keith Ross – Frack Free Wales

Songs from Côr Gobaith (Aberystwyth) and Côr Cochion (Caerdydd).

During the event we will be handing over the FoE Cymru ‘Wales Against Fracking’ postcards to a representative of the Welsh Government.

FOE Cymru’s part in this is to facilitate the rally and lobby at the above times – in the meantime if individuals wish to march to the Senedd from separate locations please take in hand and organise. Put the date in your diary and start working out how to get there.

Last year we had around 150 people handing in the Frack Free Wales petition with over 1,000 signatures. This year we need ten times that number to show everyone how rapidly the anti-fracking movement has grown over the last year. We need you there to make an impact and let the Welsh Government, the media and the industry know that we are serious about creating a FRACK FREE WALES, a environmentally, socially just, sustainable future.

Seeing as though Wales – Cardiff failed to have a Climate March of any scale, we really need to make this big, it’s not just about fracking, it’s about all forms of fossil fuels, new and old still being expanded in Wales. It’s about the ‘Future Generations Bill’ being implemented into Welsh political policy, it’s about your children’s future, and not forgetting ‘The State of Nature’. The Future Generations Bill can not be a weak bill, but it will be if we don’t carry on holding them to their words, pointing out that politics in its current form is simply not sustainable; or that politics is not providing due care and diligence in supporting community resilience in the face of climate change. Time and time again communities pay the cost of those who seek power, to maintain the status quo. Climate change science excepts that we only have a small window of opportunity to actually make the difference.

Bring your message, your voice, children and friends.

We all can not rely on others to communicate things of urgency. Share widely, invite, through out social media platforms, and keep sharing, as there is only 15 days left to go. If you are an administrator of a local Face Book anti fracking group please pin this to the top of your page.

Ensure you check that your are ‘going’ on the ‘GLOBAL FRACKDOWN – Wales 2014’ Facebook event page

Please ensure you like Frack Free Wales like page, and check ‘get notifications’

Do you have a Twitter account? Share this event as frequently as possible.

Ready Made Tweet:

Pls share & attend #FrackFreeWales & @foecymrucydd’s ‘Global Frackdown’ 12-2pm 11th Oct Y Senedd #Cardiff Bay

Or your own version…..

You will be able to see how many times it has been posted by checking #FrackFreeWales

With out your input we will not be heard, we will not make our presence felt.

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