LONG MARCH ON NEWPORT passing through Bridgend

Sunday 24th:Starting from the Co-op in Pyle

Via the A48 near Laleston (just after an interesting encounter with South Wales Police – apparently a passing motorist thought we were being anti-social by carrying our banner over a motorway bridge and had called the Police to complain. Perhaps we should call the Police to complain about all the antisocial barricades being erected around Cardiff and Newport!)

End of the day outside the Tesco opposite the South Wales Police HQ – how daring was that!!
Left to right: Sheila from Cardiff, Maggie from Ystradgynlais, along with Bridgend Greens, Laurie, John and Andy.

We received plenty of supportive toots and waves, along with a handful of less supportive gestures, but we decided that there are a lot worse things we could be than what a couple of the gestures suggested – merchant bankers? We ended the day with some very positive feedback and some people expressing interest in getting more involved.

On which note, the walks continue. See the schedule here:

We encountered a few people non-plussed at why we have issues with NATO, and for those people, or if you want a response for similar people, here is the nub of it: (click on it to enlarge)

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