Legal Observer training – Bristol 6th July

FREE TRAINING to make you invaluable at protests, be it Fracking or No To Nato, or whatever! (Looks good on a CV too!)

Legal Observers – Proper stewarding needed. Legal Observer Training workshop in Bristol. Sunday 6th July 2014

11.00 (prompt) – 4.00 Kebele, Robertson Rd, Bristol BS5 6JY (Workshop is free but bring lunch to share)

Legal Observers are volunteers who are part of an organised team gathering information on protests.
Their presence is reassuring to protesters and can protect people from unlawful or repressive policing. You don’t need any special legal background, but you need to be able to take fast, accurate notes, be able to communicate well with others, and to stay calm under stress.

Green and Black Cross (GBC) provide training and support for Legal Observers at hundreds of demonstrations every year, and have branches in London, Brighton, Manchester & Leeds.

Their standard Legal Observer training is very comprehensive, covering:
– Police tactics
– Stop & search law & procedure
– How to support arrests
– Police ranks & command structure
– Supporting direction action
– How to best legally support activists and nail the inappropriate policing afterwards

Legal Observers are consistently key to helping people at protests, whether that is by handing out key legal advice on bust cards or finding witnesses for arrests.
If you’re an experienced activist there will be parts you know already, but the depth we go into should give you more confidence and knowledge of how to deal with the police.

**Come and be part of the essential infrastructure of protests, and get to know your rights while you’re at it!**

OK I’m interested, what do I do now?

To enroll for the workshop send a short summary of your interest in Legal Observing to Rowland.Dye

(I would also appreciate knowing if you sign up – Andy Chyba)

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