Bridgend Green Party Meeting – Thursday 5th June

Dear Members and Supporters of Bridgend Green Party,

I owe you all a number of apologies:

  • Apologies for getting my dates muddled up regarding April’s meeting, which should have happened on 24th in Pencoed. I hope nobody travelled to find nobody there. I did try and get a message round at the last minute cancelling it.
  • Apologies also for not having this months’s meeting in the usual last Thursday slot. I am away again and I have had a request from regular attenders to move it to the first week of the month due to personal circumstances. I am happy to accommodate them as this has the makings of an important meeting – in the sense that it may be the last for a while.
  • Apologies also the fact that I no longer feel able to function properly in my roles within the local party, and we therefore need to discuss the entire future of Bridgend Green Party, and its relationship with Wales Green Party.
  • Apologies also for any embarrassment felt over the on-going rumblings and grumblings about my personal attitude to the Welsh language. Given the position I seem to be seen in by some – it has perhaps tarnished perceptions of the Party in a way that I regret.

There is also a building situation developing over my stance regarding the Euro Elections. You will recall that I withdrew after securing the lead position on the ballot in order to support the campaign of Plaid Cymru’s MEP, Jill Evans to re-elected. She has been an outstanding member of the Green/EFA group in the European Parliament for 15 years (three successive terms) and is in some danger of losing her seat as a result of the Lib Dem vote crumbling and Labour and UKIP growing in support. I maintain the position that Green supporters should whole-heartedly be supporting Jill, given that voting Green instead could well allow Labour or (please, no!!) UKIP to take her seat. That would be a tragedy to anyone of a remotely eco-socialist disposition.

Perhaps not surprisingly, this has not gone down well in some quarters – with John ‘Enforcer’ Matthews already calling for my expulsion. A bit rich for someone that has overseen the demise of the once relatively mighty Cardiff Green Party, but he has form in pursuing the expulsion of ecosocialists!

So, the upshot of it is that this meeting will be the last, for a while at least, unless someone else wishes to take over organising them.

Given the situation, I feel that it is best that we revert to the Railway PH for this meeting as it is accessible location, should other than the regulars wish to make the effort and come along.

Andy Chyba

7.00pm Thursday 5th June 2014 at theThe Railway PH at the bottom of Station Hill
ALL WELCOME (Especially new members!)


  1. Welcome and Introductions
  2. Apologies for Absence
  4. AOB
  5. DoNM ???

REMINDER – If anyone needs a lift to any of our meetings, let Andy know ( and we will organise it for you.


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