Shale will fail – ‘Watermelon’ article by Andy Chyba


Andy Chyba (Bridgend Green Party/Frack Free Wales/ Anti-Fracking Network)

Such has been the success of the anti-fracking lobby that very few people have NOT now heard of fracking. Furthermore we have consistently won the arguments such that every poll on the subject consistently yields massive majorities (85 to 95% typically) against allowing fracking in this country.

Now The Tories have backed themselves into a corner and It is likely to cost them dear in terms of lost seats at the next election – especially in “impregnable strongholds” – such as Francis Maude’s seat in Balcombe. They have committed themselves to fracking for the benefit of their corporate paymasters, and the network of vested interests exposed goes right to the very heart of government. They are getting increasingly desperate and unscrupulous in their attempts to force fracking upon us. They have tried to bribe local authorities allowing them to keep 100% of the business rates generated by frackers. They will now pursue further changes to the planning system to take fracking related decisions out of the hands of local councils, allowing Westminster impose them on local communities. Their contempt for all of us is palpable.

But new local opposition groups start up often and seek the help of umbrella organisations such as Frack Off and BIFF. There is an ever-growing list of incidents of Police complicity with the frackers, and brutality towards peaceful protestors at Balcombe and Barton Moss in particular. Direct action is springing up everywhere. Witness the demos at Total petrol stations around the country –as this French company eyes British shale gas since the French government has indefinitely banned fracking in France. And the list of countries and regions banning fracking grows.

Although the Police role needs exposing, the judiciary are not, as yet, buying into the establishment persecution of peaceful protest. Witness the acquittal of every one of the Balcombe 16. This has vindicated and re-invigorated the growing army of fractivists around the country. We do know what we are doing – it is the Government who don’t!

The prospects for the frackers are bleak. Companies in are Poland realizing that it is not an economic proposition after all – despite encouragement from the Polish government. In the USA, there are many signs of trouble for the industry at every level. The New York Times carries stories of leaked documents revealing the growing scepticism within the industry economically viable (never mind the climate change implications)

So, this is another example of the Tories backing a complete loser and not having the sense to cut their losses.– they keep on drilling themselves deeper and deeper into a mire from which they will struggle to extricate themselves, like the addicted gamblers chasing their losses. They are FRACKED!

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