Fracking perforation guns and depeleted uranium!

Hi Vic,

This wikipedia article matches my understanding of the contemporary perforation process:

What has been uncertain is the strength of the charges used. Compared to conventional reservoirs which only need mild stimulation to trigger flows, the density of shale makes it much harder to ‘punch’ through, and in order to get any flow at all, fractures need to be extensive. The temptation must be to have much stronger charges in shale beds than conventional reservoirs, leading to increased difficulties in control and uncertain outcomes. It appears to be an area of considerable R&D by operators like Schlumberger:

As for the use of depleted uranium, rumours have been around for quite a while, but I am not aware of any proven instance of it having been used – YET. The following is, however, good evidence that it has been on the minds of Halliburton, at least (dated 11 months ago):

I hope this helps.


Andy Chyba

On 3 Mar 2014, at 16:00, Keith M Ross wrote:


I doubt anyone would be foolish enough to use nitro or plastic explosives when searching for methane! Have heard rumours about DU (Depleted Uranium) being used in drill bits before, but have never seen any evidence.

Copying Andy Chyba, who knows far more about these things than I do and may be able to guide you to some reliable sources.

Keith Ross
Safe Energy/Frack Free Wales.

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Hi,  I’m looking for information regarding perforation and explosion used in slick water fracking.

I’ve heard that DU mght be used, or is it ntro or plastic explosives?

Any verfiable information gratefully recieved!

Vic Doyle

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