Fracking Song Collection – Andy’s Top 20

Fracking has inspired opposition across the socio-economic spectrum and amongst musicians in particular.

Here is my current Top 20 of inspired and inspirational music:

1. “No Fracking Way” Leo Sayer with Aussies Against Fracking
A very recent rocking effort by a seasoned pro!

2. Fracking is Coming to Town by John Harrison
Slaughters the Springsteen classic, but gets a high position in this chart as it is only a week ’til Christmas!

3. “My Water’s On Fire Tonight” is a product of Studio 20 NYU
Fracking hip-hop style! An established classic , being two and a half years old now

4.Fracking Song – Emily Blyth
Emily is well know to us in the Green Party, and soon to become Mrs Derek Wall! Fracking folk-style!

5. Don’t Frack My Mother – Artists Against Fracking
Sean Lennon, Yoko Ono et al with a song in the style of the protest song maestro, BVob Dylan

6. Cuadrilla Killer – HUTC
From the Balcombe protection camp – inspired by a Talking Heads classic

7. Frack Off! by GRASS
Folk rock from the Fylde Coast

8. Raise A Ruckus In Aromas
Classic country-style song from the Southern States

9. The Fracking Song – Little war Twins
Reminiscent of Joni Mitchell (perhaps)

10. This Land Is All – Canton Community Choir and Cor Cochion Caerdydd
The Welsh choral tradition being upheld (just about!)

11. This Fracking Song – ‘Deadly’ Dave Welsh
Quality Aussie singer-songwriter, recorded in a beer garden

12. CFFT Fracking Song – Susan Shann
Military style ‘call and response’ from Tennessee

13. Frackin Devil – Frank Molloy
Great song, great video, with lyrics, from the Irish fractivist

14. Hydro Fracking Song – LRevolution
Linkin Park style anthem from June 2010

15. Pete Seeger Sings Out Against Fracking
The old-stager can still churn it out!

16. Freakin Frackin by Op-Critical
Heavier sound, conveys the sinister vibe very well

17. Lock the Gate – Laura Doe & The Chaps
Great track from a Aussie campaign album called “Whole Lotta Frackin’ Going On”

18. Fracking Gasholes – Stele Ely
Dodgy title, but a great song and a excellent video (with lyrics)

19. Don’t Frack Me Around – Oxygen Brothers Band
Canadian folksters getting straight to the point

20. Fracking Anthem (after Blake’s Jerusalem) – words by Simon Welsh
I had to end with one in which I make a contribution – the mass choirs of Balcombe!

And there is a hell of a lot more out there, I promise you!

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