IMPORTANT EIA Directive plenary vote – Email action – WE NEED YOU

Begin forwarded message:

Subject: Fwd: [IMPORTANT] EIA Directive plenary vote – Email action – WE NEED YOU

Date: 4 October 2013 13:39:45 GMT+01:00

Dear all,

The European Parliament plenary vote on the review of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Directive will take place next Wednesday, October 9. You can find more details about the vote and a link to an updated template letter to send to your MEP inAntoine’s email below. Amendments to the report closed today so these are the final voting recommendations.

Aside from a few minor changes, the most important amendment we need support for is AM 79, which guarantees mandatory EIAs at exploration stage. As you may know, there has been intense lobbying against this amendment. I would especially ask you to lobby Liberal MEPs (listed here:, as some are planning to vote against Amendment 79 and support instead a compromise amendment, which was negotiated in the past few days. We really need as many Liberal MEPs on side to swing the vote in our favour!

Feel free to adapt the letter below as you see fit. I suggest adding a line at the end mentioning that we will hold pro-fracking MEPs to account at next May’s elections. Please also make sure to add your full address so your MEP knows you are a constituent.


Please post any replies you receive in the Facebook event so we can keep track of how each MEP is planning to vote.

​The Greens/EFA group has requested a roll call so we will have a record how our MEPs vote.

​Many thanks to everyone who has been lobbying their MEPs for this important vote since mid-August! If we don’t get a majority supporting mandatory EIAs, it will be a major victory for the fracking industry, so please keep the pressure on!

Best wishes from Brussels, Geraldine


Dear all,

I know this email is coming a bit late but we are finally able to send you information about the final plenary vote on the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Directive. You may remember that the vote was supposed to take place last month but the European Parliament decided to postpone the vote to October.

Therefore, we need to contact again our MEPs just like we did a month ago, with some very small adjustments as new developments have happened that we need to address.

  • The vote will be on Wednesday 9th of October, at 11.30.
  • We need to call MEPs to support the amendments 31, 54 and 79, but we also need to ask MEPs to reject new amendments (n° 112 and 115) tabled by pro-shale gas MEPs aiming at undermining the amendment 79.

These new really bad amendments (which are taking out the reference to exploration and reintroducing the daily production threshold of 500.000m3 of gas) pushed me and Geert to make slight adjustments to the email action that we suggested last month. You will see that we extended the picture to explain why the reference to exploration and why no reference to a daily production threshold are really needed.

Therefore you can find below links to a template letter, to a list of MEPs, and to pictures translated in 10 different languages. But as usual, you are free to translate and adapt the letter according to your needs, priorities and positions. What we really need is that:

  • You contact your MEPs to share this message and the voting recommendations,
  • You spread the word around you: The more messages MEPs will receive from concerned citizens and groups of mobilisation, the better.

Therefore, here are links to:

If you have any question, remark or feedback from MEPs, please let me and Geert know about it. Please contact us separately in order not to overwhelm the listserves too much.

Many thanks in advance for your crucial help,

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