Frack-Free Wales demo in Cardiff Bay goes well

Huge thanks and congratulations to Rhian Halford for organising today’s event – including fantastic touches like the pedal-powered PA system (powered for a legthy spell by BGP’s very own dynmao, Rozz Cutler).

A good selection of speakers included: Nigel Baker – Greenpeace Cardiff; Gareth Clubb – Director of Friends of the Earth Cymru; Frances Crack – founder of Frack Free Wales; Max Wallis – FoE Barry; Olwen Leavoid – Welsh National Rights Movement; Pippa Bartolotti – Leader of Wales Green Party; and Keith Ross – Safe Energy Wales. Entertainment came from the Côr Cochion choir.

I had the privilege of following Frances Crack, and although I was asked to keep it non-political, I kinda failed on that score, but it went down well enough I think. Thanks to Esther Nagle – you can judge for yourself:

Before Frances, a couple of friendly AMs came out and offered their support to the call for a moratorium.; Peter Black (Lib Dem) and Bethan Jenkins (Plaid Cymru). Esther caught Bethan’s speech too:

I had to leave not long after my speech (work commitments) but I am awaiting word as to whether Suzy Davies (Conservative AM) showed up as promised. It seems not, which is a shame as she has fantastic news to share re the Welsh Conservatives seeing the light!

At the Fracking/UCG debate hosted by Sustainable Wales she quite cartegorically, in front of a large audience, staed that Cameron is being too hasty in his dash for gas; that we need to take time to weigh up all the evidence; that we need to throughly test the technology; that we need to get a proper bespoke regulatory regime in place first. A Tory preaching the precautionary approach! Hallelujah! (Must be a blue moon tonight!). But has she overstepped the mark and been ‘pulled’ from speaking today? Time will tell.

BBC Wales covered the event reasonably well – and you can catch it iPlayer for a week or so (from 11:11)

CAtch pippa at the end of the piece.

All-in-all another productive day for Welsh fractivists – we shall prevail!

2 thoughts on “Frack-Free Wales demo in Cardiff Bay goes well

  1. Mr KRoss

    Didn’t see any sign of Suzy Davies. Byron Davies was reportedly there, but he didn’t ask to adress the crowd. Andrew R T Davies was also there and spoke to BBC Wales, but kept well clear of the campaigners!


  2. John Evans

    Just a note. The BBC coverage starts just after 11 mins in.

    By the way, Andy’s speech was excellent. Probably the best of the day.



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