Text of letters sent to Valleys to Coast and Wales & West Housing Associations re Bedroom Tax

Dear XXX HA,




We would be grateful if you could provide the following information:




1: What measures have XXX taken to engage with financially vulnerable tenants around Bedroom Tax related arrears?




2: Has XXX sought to engage with Welsh Government and other social landlords, either individually or through the auspices of Community Housing Cymru, to mitigate the impact of the ‘spare room subsidy’?




3: Has XXX sought to cooperate with Bridgend County Council to manage appeals and discretionary housing payments payments? Does V2C intend to undertake any further initiatives to assist tenants who cannot reasonably cover the additional cost?




4: Does XXX intend to use Ground 8 to evict tenants who amass arrears representing in excess of two months rent?




5: In light of the Fife ruling (http://speye.wordpress.com/2013/09/15/why-the-fife-bedroom-tax-judgments-are-even-better-news-for-landlords-and-councils-than-for-tenants/) does XXX intend to reclassify any of its existing stock?




We would be delighted to meet to discuss any or all of these points.






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