Extreme energy debate on Radio Wales this morning – I get the final word

BBC Radio Wales – Morning Call with Oliver Hides


Hour long debate (minus the usual weather, traffic, news updates) that focuses on UCG and shale gas.
Involved representatives from the BGS and Universities – along with yours truly and and members of the public.

I would encourage you to listen to it all, but my contributions are in the last quarter – from the 44:00 mark.

Please let me know what you think.

Andy Chyba

PS Headline story on BBC Wales TV news also focused on UCG today – with a good contribution from Swansea Green, Keith Ross


1 thought on “Extreme energy debate on Radio Wales this morning – I get the final word

  1. Trish Evans

    Yes you did have the last word! You said it how it is, very well said and I know I would have stumbled. Top form Andy, we were very impressed with the debate, nice to hear someone who actually knows what they are talking about, people actually thought we were totally self sufficient in fossil fuels too at one point.. Glad you pulled them up on that one also.



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