New record hits for the Bridgend Green Party blog

Blimey! The Bridgend Green party blog has gone viral in the last couple of days smashing it best ‘hits’ day bt a no less than 500%. For the cynics among you that doesn’t mean achieving double figures, but well into 4 figures a day. The fracking issue is really beginning to get through to people as they begin to realise just how cynical and corrupt the frackers and their supporters truly are.

Todays hits:

Country Views
United Kingdom FlagUnited Kingdom 1,335
United States FlagUnited States 91
Australia FlagAustralia 19
France FlagFrance 15
Ireland FlagIreland 13
Germany FlagGermany 13
India FlagIndia 10
Norway FlagNorway 9
Italy FlagItaly 7
Spain FlagSpain 7
Korea, Republic of FlagRepublic of Korea 7
Hong Kong FlagHong Kong 6
Canada FlagCanada 5
New Zealand FlagNew Zealand 4
South Africa FlagSouth Africa 4
Thailand FlagThailand 4
Philippines FlagPhilippines 3
Finland FlagFinland 3
Indonesia FlagIndonesia 2
Sweden FlagSweden 2
Turkey FlagTurkey 2
Denmark FlagDenmark 2
Mexico FlagMexico 2
Poland FlagPoland 2
Netherlands FlagNetherlands 2
Saudi Arabia FlagSaudi Arabia 1
Senegal FlagSenegal 1
Algeria FlagAlgeria 1
Ghana FlagGhana 1
Malaysia FlagMalaysia 1
Ecuador FlagEcuador 1
United Arab Emirates FlagUnited Arab Emirates 1
Barbados FlagBarbados 1
Togo FlagTogo 1
Czech Republic FlagCzech Republic 1
Portugal FlagPortugal 1
Sri Lanka FlagSri Lanka 1
Hungary FlagHungary 1
Belgium FlagBelgium 1

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