Official Press Release re Euro Elections Lead Candidate

Welsh Greens announce lead Euro candidate

Wales Green Party has announced that Andy Chyba will be their lead candidate to contest the European Elections to elect Wales’ MEPs in 2014.

Andy Chyba was previously a secondary school teacher for twenty years before moving into the lifelong learning sector. Chair of the thriving Bridgend Green Party and a passionate campaigner for social justice, Andy is committed to working alongside colleagues in Europe to reform the system from within. Speaking about the issue he said:

“Given the short-sighted and unnecessary policies of the current coalition which make the poor and disadvantaged pay off the debts of the rich; and given the complete abandonment of working people and treacherous endorsement of austerity by Labour; it is more vital than ever that the people of Wales have representation that actually shares their traditional values of equality, community and caring for the land of our fathers.

Wales has done well out of UK membership of the EU, receiving £2billion for regeneration schemes between 2007 and 2013; directly helping close to 30,000 businesses and 10% of the population – money that would not have been coming from any other source. Continued membership is vital to protect us from the excesses of the three major parties.

The issues that face all of us today, whether they be financial reform or the environmental protection have a far greater international dimension – retreating into jingoism is the not the solution. A vote for me is a commitment to say YES to a referendum on EU membership, YES to remaining within the EU and YES to EU reform”

Andy has been a prominent anti-fracking campaigner representing Vale Says NO! And a co-founder of the Anti-Fracking Network. Given the current government’s reckless pursuit of fracking, Andy is keen to take the issue on at a European level.

You can contact Andy at VoteGreenEU2014 or keep up to date at

1 thought on “Official Press Release re Euro Elections Lead Candidate

  1. Danny Stewart

    For those of us so entrenched in the fight AGAINST fracking for short-term, extreme, fossil fuel energy; it is great (in my opinion) to have something to also fight FOR in terms of vital long term, large scale, renewable energy.



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