Bungling BCBC again – Labour councillors can’t even make a sensible cut sensibly!!!

I have had plenty to say about the pro-austerity Red Tories over recent months – abandoning their principles and selling out the working classes to get them to pay the debts incurred by reckless government and reckless bankers under the recent Labour and Tory administrations:https://bridgendgreens.wordpress.com/2013/03/27/new-labour-slave-labour/






But now the Bridgend CBC have outdone themselves!

In imposing the cuts agenda on behalf of the Con-Dem government they have found a cut that I actually approve of in stripping six senior council officers of their luxury cars.

Well done! But wait, they are obviously feeling guilty for such an imposition on well-paid executives and have decided to ease the pain for them with a compensation package that is going to cost us council tax payers in Bridgend County £107,000 (an average of nearly £18,000 to each of these destitute souls).


At present, 11 officers are entitled to a lease car under the scheme but only six do so, at a cost to the authority of £48,000 a year. One entitled officer is due to retire at the end of August and is exempt from the compensation.

The changes will take effect from August 31 and are expected to save BCBC a net saving of £43,000 a year from 2014 onwards.

Councillor Sean Aspey, ward member for Porthcawl West Central, said: The removal of lease cars is not before time. Whoever devised that policy in the first place was looking after themselves and nobody else.

In the long-term it will save the council money but how this came into being in the first place raises some serious questions about whether the council is working for the community or for themselves.


Andy Chyba

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