Horizon programme on Fracking – why it disappointed me


just watched it and have to say, as a fan of Iain Stewart in general, it was poorly put together and added nothing to the debate that has not been heard before. He dodged voicing an opinion, but leaves the viewer to weigh up the potential economic benefits with the potential environmental/health consequences – and we know how pretty much everyone stands on that!
You will find this more informative:
Andy Chyba

2 thoughts on “Horizon programme on Fracking – why it disappointed me

  1. Jonah

    I agree, very disappointed with the program. For me it was a 45 minute advert for the Pro lobby with a little bit about the potential harm tacked on the end in the interests of ‘balance’ (ha!) Like you I used to have a lot of time for Stewart, now, not so much


  2. Mel C. Bowers

    Stacy favors drilling — he would use the lease money and gas royalties to help his children start a summer camp on his farm — and said the potential benefits outweigh the risks.



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