Towards a Welsh industrial strategy (NEF)


“In the face of globalisation, prolonged economic crisis and a skewed UK economy, Wales needs to look to itself to mobilise new sources of sustainable industrial investment.”

“A Welsh industrial strategy must break with the past and seek to identify the strengths (and weaknesses) of the Welsh economy. It must build on successful initiatives by the Welsh government in the recession, but also on Waless particular economic geography and industrial structure. Crucially, in order to carry the necessary authority to deliver the strategy would require a government able to set central priorities for development.”

“Key recommendations of the report include:

Supporting infrastructure improvements where needed
Supporting a shift into renewable energy production
Sustaining local supply chains, relocalising production where possible
Using novel legal and institutional forms like co-operatives to deliver the above.”

“In addition, an effective industrial strategy would require wide social and political support with clear social goals sustaining decent secure work and meeting pressing environmental needs.”

Full report PDF:


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