Here we go again – Bridgend frackers Coastal Oil & Gas blight more areas of the Vale of Glamorgan

News from The Vale Says NO!
Extracts from recent dialogue regarding new Coastal Oil & Gas applications in the Vale of Glamorgan


We had a very positive leafletting session in Llantwit yesterday, with many people saying that they would ‘do something’. There was a particular interest in a petition.

Denise met one of our local (independent) councillors who had interesting things to say. Basically, he says that all the three current planning applications are in tory-held council wards, and that all the local councillors are now in favour of COG’s proposals. Whilst this is bad news for those communities, it does at least clear the decks so to speak! Nationally the Conservative party is clearly behind fracking, so it is not a surprising development.

It seems to me that our current best hope is the Welsh Government. There is very interesting research from the USA that finds that success in defeating energy projects is positively associated with two things:

  • a local campaign (however small)
  • a dispute over jurisdiction – for example between local and national government

The research also suggests that even where permission is granted, with these two conditions, the projects don’t get built.

With all that in mind, I suggest that we organise a meeting, to involve all interested parties, to plan a campaign focussed on the Welsh Government.


We know the score re test drilling – the council will NOT even consider turning down any TEST drilling applications after what happened at LLandow.

However, this ought to be seen as an opportunity to raise awareness and stoke up the NIMBYs in the Bonvilston/Dyffryn area – which could be very useful, given the demographics. We can continue to win the arguments and get everyone primed for the crucial battles when fracking is on the table.


I received this from Jane Hutts office this week

“Hi Louise
See below for details of the three Coastal oil and Gas applications.

2013/00335/FUL : Land on the west side of the road leading from Llancarfan to Bonvilston (Grid ref. 305209:172962) – Drill an exploration borehole to test for conventional gas reserves in the Devonian
2013/00334/FUL : Unit 20, Sutton Spring Road, Llandow Trading Estate – To drill a single vertical exploration borehole
2013/00333/FUL : Site located in field 400m along an un-named road between the A4266 and Duffryn (grid ref 308215 : 171623) – Drill a single vertical exploration borehole

The deadline for representations at present is 17th May 2013, and they are not due to go to Planning Committee, but that may yet change if they are ‘called in’ by Councillor(s).”

The Vale have set a precedent in allowing the previous application to go ahead – seeing as we weren’t even allowed to mention the Frack word in the appeal, then the only way we can try and stop these application is on genuine planning issues raised by the 24 hour a day drilling noise etc.

Raising awareness is obviously a good idea, so that anyone affected can have their say, but I think throwing the Frack word around won’t get us far with the planning committee anymore!

3 thoughts on “Here we go again – Bridgend frackers Coastal Oil & Gas blight more areas of the Vale of Glamorgan

  1. Oliver Swingler

    Not exactly a ‘Reply’ but

    Hope you like this song.
    Best wishes, Oliver
    Ps. If you do, please feel free to pass it on!

    What can we do about global warming?
    (to the tune of ‘What can we do with the drunken sailor?’)

    Chorus: What can we do about global warming?
    What can we do about global warming?
    What can we do about global warming?
    Shrink our carbon footprint!

    1. Walk, cycle, bus and train
    Car share, avoid the plane
    Holiday at home, learn to love the rain
    Shrink our carbon footprint!

    2. Insulate homes and get them lined
    Stop oil, gas and coal being mined
    Use tidal, solar, wind and find we’ll
    Shrink our carbon footprint!


    3. Organic, local, seasonal eating
    Recycle, mend, turn down the heating
    Share, cooperate, stop competing
    Shrink our carbon footprint!

    Watch out! The seas are rising
    Cry out! The seas are rising
    Bale out! The seas are rising
    Save our lovely planet!

    4. Don’t believe the greenwash, keep on prying
    Tax millionaires, stop envy buying
    Climate change deniers, they’re all lying
    Shrink our carbon footprint!

    We can do a lot about global warming
    We can do a lot about global warming
    We can do a lot about global warming
    Save our lovely planet!

    Lyrics by Oliver Swingler and Making Waves choir, Cullercoats, UK – Version 3 March 2013


  2. Mollie T. Battle

    She says the environmental testing is done to pave the way for seismic testing – where very loud sound waves pulsate through the ocean for hundreds of miles – and that could eventually lead to offshore oil drilling in the Atlantic Ocean up and down the East coast.



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