Bridgend Christian School being inspected by ESTYN

Estyn is the education and training inspectorate for Wales. It is a Crown body, established under the Education Act 1992. Estyn is independent of the National Assembly for Wales but receives its funding from the Welsh Government under Section 104 of the Government of Wales Act 1998.

Estyn inspects quality and standards in education and training providers in Wales.

This week, I am informed, they are inspecting the Bridgend Christian School.

You can see what I have had to say about this establishment, and its previous Estyn Report, here:

I sincerely hope that ESTYN see fit to actually challenge the miseducation that goes on here.

The ACE (Accelerated Christian Education) is utter nonsense and surely cannot be sanctioned by ESTYN as acceptable. The last inspection – following principles established by Michael Gove, saw fit to skirt around the issue that they teach ridiculous nonsense to innocent children who should be able to expect the state to try to protect them from such abuses.

If you think I am over-stating tings, I would urge you to read this article from the Rationalist Association:

At least the Bridgend School is not on the list of such schools in receipt of taxpayers money. But given that Estyn is funded by our taxes, should we not expect them to establish at least some sort of standard of intellectual rigour in what is being taught to the Welsh kids (admittedly less than 40 of them currently) being brainwashed and inculcated (using established cult methodologies).

We should all be embarrassed to have this institution in our midst.

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