Alchemy, May 3 – GREEN ROOM Debate – Sustainable Wales

ALCHEMY: The Path Not Taken
Debate in Porthcawl.

Friday, MAY 3, 2013, 8pm at SUSSED,
5, John St., Porthcawl CF36

This is the latest in a series of Green Room debates organized by
Sustainable Wales. It will be led by Kristian Evans, who writes:

Many of us think of alchemists as charlatans, vainly attempting to
transmute lead into gold.

Yet alchemy was once considered the Great Work, that allowed us to
approach divine consciousness.

This Great Work has had a profound impact, influencing Shakespeare
and Newton, then Picasso, the Surrealists, and Ted Hughes. But alchemy
is largely forgotten, replaced by the rationalist science familiar to
Us today: objective, realist, materialist.

In the talk we will look at some of the claims of alchemy, its influence
and the consequences of its rejection.

Kristian Evans, poet and artist from Kenfig, is writing a book length
sequence of poems on alchemy-related themes, A Nomads Garden.

Entry: £3.
Details: Sustainable Wales 01656 783962.
Robert Minhinnick
11Park Avenue
Porthcawl CF 36 3EP
Tel: 01656 773627

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