A Review and Synopsis of the Scientific and Technical Evidence Against Hydraulic Fracturing

Report produced by Andy Chyba, commissioned by Frack-Free Wales.This will be presented to the Welsh Government by Frack-Free Wales at the demo on Tuesday.


Full report PDF via attachment at the bottom the page.


  • The key differences between traditional conventional fracking and the recent so-called unconventional fracking
  • Borehole casings
  • Seismicity
  • Explosive fracturing
  • Hydraulic fracturing
  • Health impacts of frack chemicals
  • Disclosure of chemicals
  • Handling flowback water
  • Silica sand
  • Airborne pollution
  • Water resource implications
  • Climate change impacts
  • Population density


“In conclusion, allow me to point out that most peoples concern over fracking tends to start in a NIMBYist fashion, with concern over related planning applications in their local areas. Witness the ever increasing plethora of local opposition groups across the country, indeed across the world. What invariably happens, however, is that people very quickly learn about and recognise the full range and scale of the issues involved the issues in this review, and many more such as noise, HGV traffic, property values, loss of amenity, and impacts on biodiversity, agriculture and tourism and so on. We have seen many local opposition groups thereby morph into national and international campaigns, seeking to be mutually supportive towards a common goal. This is an issue that therefore stretches beyond the scientific and technical. It has to become a political issue in which choices about our relationship with the planet we depend on are central.”


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