Action Against Fracking in Wales; Frack-Free Wales demo 16th April – Senedd, Cardiff Bay

Following the announcement that the UK Government is planning to push ahead with Fracking/Coal Bed Methane Extraction in Wales and the UK despite the obvious and well-documented risks, we are holding a peaceful protest outside the Senedd to highlight the dangers posed by fracking to the general public and the environment.

At the end of the action we will hand a letter and a report written by Andy Chyba (will be published here on 16th April) outlining our concerns to First Minister Carwyn Jones. If you cannot attend and would like to sign the letter please post to that effect on the event wall.

Please share this event widely and invite anyone you feel is as concerned as we are.

Full details of where to assemble at 2pm will be added soon.

Rt. Hon. Carwyn Jones
First Minister for Wales
Sent to:-
16th April 2013
Dear Mr Jones
We are writing to you to express our concerns about the prospect of unconventional fossil fuel extraction in Wales. We are concerned that these methods will be allowed in Wales despite grave environmental concerns that they are unsafe to our future generations. A summary of our argument can be found as an appendix to this letter.
We respectfully ask that you as First Minister for Wales provide detailed answers to the following questions supported by referable academic evidence: –
1) Is it your personal belief that these methods are a sustainable energy option for Wales? Can you provide evidence that these methods are better than renewable sources of energy such as solar, geothermal, tidal and wind?
2) Please can you provide us with a referable map as to where unconventional fossil fuel extraction is proposed to happen?
3) Please could you provide any plans for pipelines across Wales?
4) Are the people situated directly next to these sites going to be correctly compensated and relocated because of the pollution caused by these methods?
5) Will there be Compulsory Purchase Orders?
6) What are the Economic Benefits of Hydraulic Fracturing and Coal Bed Methane Extraction to the ordinary person in Wales? What are the economic costs?
7) What guarantee do we have that these companies will not be registered offshore for the purposes of taxation and all financial records will be thoroughly transparent?
8) Do you understand that methane is a Greenhouse Gas 20 times as powerful as Carbon Dioxide? What does the WAG plan to do in the case of a large methane accident?
9) Has the WAG considered or calculated increased projected carbon emissions for natural gas extraction in Wales, taking into account WAGs emissions reduction target, and how much this will undermine those targets?
10) Exactly what chemicals will be used in the Hydraulic Fracturing and Coal Bed Methane process in Wales? Please could you provide a COSHH register analysis of all known names to all chemicals in use?
11) What emergency service contingency plans have the WAG in case of earthquakes in Wales?
12) What contingency plans do the WAG/Dwr Cymru have in case of well failure and the pollution of the water table in Wales? How will this affect our ability to supply Wales and indeed England with water?
13) How will the WAG and councils dispose of the excess fluids created by these methods?
14) What are the WAG contingency plans regarding the nuclear material under the ground that may be disturbed by these processes?
Our aim is to open dialogue with yourself and WAG to establish the facts. We look forward to your response.
Yours sincerely

Frack-Free Wales

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