Reminder of Special Conference and Euro Nominations

FROM PIPPA BARTOLOTTIDear Wales Green Party Member,I would just like to remind you of two things.

Firstly, we are currently calling for nominations for inclusion on the list for the Euro election next year. For this election Wales is classed as one region and can elect four Members to the European Parliament (MEPs) to represent us. Wales Green Party therefore needs to stand a list of at least four people in the Euro elections.

If you are willing to be nominated to be included on that list please contact Ann Were annwere and she will give you all the information and advice you need. The deadline for the receipt of nominations is 13th April so time is of the essence.

Secondly, there is to be a Special Conference held in Cardiff on 11th May. All details are available on the members website but simply contact Ann Were on ann_were12 if there is anything you would like to know or if you would like a copy of the First and Final agendas. The deadline for amendments to the first agenda is 13th April and the final agenda will be available from the 25th April.

We will be proposing important changes to the constitution at this meeting so I would please urge you to try and attend, even if it is for only part of the day. We are specifically looking at the name of the party in Wales and whether or not it should be changed, so your input would be extremely valuable.

I look forward to seeing as many members as possible at the conference on 11th May


Leader, Wales Green Party

ADDENDA FROM ANDY CHYBA (Chair, Bridgend Green Party)

1. Amongst the constitutional changes proposed, that Pippa fails to mention above, are changes to allow existing Wales Green Party Council members to circumvent the normal practice within the Party of only being able to serve on such bodies for a maximum of 5 years before having to have at Least a year’s break. This should be resisted. It is an abuse of Wales’ ‘semi-autonomous’ status, in my opinion, to move away from a fundamental principle of how GPEW operates in the way that is being proposed.

It is vital to a healthy and vibrant democratic party that people are encouraged and supported to get more involved and also to share the burden and experience of running things. That this is not happening in Wales is not grounds to change the constitution to allow the same few people to carry on things as they are. There are plenty of things that could and should be happening to avoid this sad state of affairs. As I am unable to attend the ‘Special Conference’, I would encourage people to go and oppose this seriously misguided and retrograde proposal.

2. A good starting point for getting more people involved would be for us to see volunteers to act as at least ‘paper’* candidates in elections in order to raise the Party’s profile. With regards to the Euro Elections mentioned by Pippa above, John Evans, Bridgend Electons Offocer and Wales GP ERO, informs me that it looks like only me, Pippa and Chris Were (WGP Deputy, paper candidate only) standing at present. For gender equality, it would be particularly welcome to have a woman come forward. Let me know if you are interested. The deadline is 13th April.

3. Feel free to call or email me for any further information or advice:


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