Workfare: Why did so many Labour MPs accept this brutal, unforgivable attack on vulnerable people? And when will the few remaining socialists in their ranks finally say enough is enough and join us?


“What a disgraceful, grubby chapter in the history of the Parliamentary Labour Party. Usually when a Tory Government is in power, giving working people and the poorest in society a kicking, any critical voices of the Labour leadership are savaged for aiding and abetting the enemy. It’s the Tories we should be opposing, or so the line goes. But what happens when the Labour leadership actively rides to the rescue of the Tories, blatantly and overtly helping them as they attack some of the poorest in society while riding roughshod over British law?”

“Not that all Labour MPs disposed of their backbones at their parliamentary selection meetings. 40 Labour MPs took the revolutionary course of voting against a Tory government. Among them were the diminished group of working-class Labour MPs: Ian Lavery, a former miners’ leader; Ian Mearns, a former British Gas worker; Graham Morris, the son of a miner; Steve Rotherham, an ex-bricklayer; John McDonnell, the son of a bus driver; David Crausby, a former turner; ex-miners like David Anderson and Dennis Skinner. Here are MPs who remember what the Labour Party was founded to do: to give working people a voice, not least when they come under attack from a Tory government.”

This second paragraph sums up the dilemma that many decent, honourable socialists find themselves in here in South Wales,

They have been born and bred into the Labour Party and refuse to accept that, since Tory [sic] Blair’s New labour project, the Party has changed irrevocably.

As an ecosocialist, I have regular friendly discussions with like minded friends in the Labour Party who acknowledge that the Party is not the one they joined in their youth. They argue, not entirely unreasonably, that they would rather use the Labour Party ticket to get into positions of influence – councillors, AMs, MPs – than join a party that better reflected their true beliefs – the Green Party – but which, they perceive, cannot deliver them these positions of power and influence.

I understand this line of argument, but wonder how they manage to sleep at night as the ever growing list of betrayals to their core beliefs and their constituents builds and builds on a daily basis.

I can only see two long term outcomes.

Either the socialist rump in the Labour Party continue to use the blind loyalty of the South Wales electorate as their meal ticket, until the day the public of South Wales have their epiphany and realise who really is determined to look after their interests; or these marooned socialists take the initiative and declare what they know – that the Labour Party can no longer be trusted to fight for the social justice that they once stood for. In doing so they ought to recognise that the home of modern, progressive socialism – ecosocialism – is no longer beneath a red flag, but a green one.


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